Some people protect what they love.......

...... Yves Jacques Cousteau

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December 15, 2012 Happy Holidays. Thank you all for the support and time throughout the year on all the projects. Please look for us on Facebook to keep up on our upcoming events and how you can lend a hand to help in the global effort in keeping waterways clean for generations to come. Remember we are a 501.c.3 tax exempt Foundation and all donations are greatly appreciated.



SUMMER JUNIOR STEWARDS'...find out more about our 2013 summer outdoor exploration program.




Our mission

We believe the ocean deserves the love and respect we give to a family member. In doing so, we need to fully understand the environmental process inorder to maintain sustainable health and wellbeing. We educate you in environmental stewardship and how you can help your local community achieve a harmonious balance.


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Do you have a local watershed, coastal zone or habitat with visible signs of distress?
Our team of expert VOLUNTEERS can provide you with a detailed survey of issues and concerns leading to such environmental downfalls and how you can mitigate the problems to enhance and redirect an ecosystem back towards an original state.

other services and volunteer projects for your local area.

  • point source mitigation
  • runoff/ erosion protection
  • shoreline enhancement
  • grants and environmental programs



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